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IPIN Tip of the Month: Using SAM Search on One Project

Setting up a filter with a SAM Search is a great way to find projects that include specific trade names or products in the specifications on the Builders Exchange online plan room. However, if you already found a project your company is interested, Builders Exchange gives you the option to run the SAM Search on each project individually (to find out how to set up a SAM Search filter, click here).*

The SAM in SAM Search stands Spec and Addenda Mining. It allows members to search the entire spec book – not just the spec index. Trade names such as “honeywell”, “dupont”, “prosoco” and “trane” can be located quickly and easily within a spec. Other words that are difficult to find are readily available as well, such as “retaining wall”, “valve”, “crane” and all other specialty types of work.

SAM Search is possible because we scan all spec books and addenda using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology. After the scanning process, the results are indexed and ready for searching. For an explanation of how to set up a filter using SAM Search, click here.

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