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IPIN Tip of the Month: Project Notes

Notepads, sticky notes, and the palm of your hand make for fine ways to take down notes about a project.

Project notes in IPIN are better.

Project Notes are located beneath the Scope of Work and Project Location on the Project Details page of every project.

Internal Notes

They are company specific, meaning only people logged in under your company account can see the notes. This makes them useful for communicating on projects with co-workers, especially if there are multiple employees in the same office with IPIN user accounts.

Searches can also be run for projects using keywords from your notes.

How to Add a Project Note

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IPIN Tip of the Month: My New Prebid, Active, Apparent Low, and Contract Award Reports

There are more than a few ways to find the projects in the Builders Exchange of Kentucky IPIN system. One of the best methods, filters, has already been covered here (spec and CSI code) and here (SAM search).

Another tool can be found at the My Deskpad area, above the calendar. There are four reports located there: My New Prebid Projects, My New Active Projects, My New Apparent Lows, and My New Contract Awards.MyNewReports

These four reports can generate a list of projects that have been added to the IPIN system within each phase since a previous date entered by you, our member.

Here is how they work:

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IPIN Tip of the Month: Adding Your Company to a Bidders List

Builders Exchange of Kentucky maintains a list of companies which have expressed strong interest in a project on the Project Details page. This bidders list shows companies who will likely submit a bid on the project. Companies added to the Builders Exchange bidders lists come from a variety of  sources, but they  are most often taken from the official planholders list kept by the primary owner or design team for the project. These lists can often be found at the reprographics company which has been chosen to distribute project documents.


Builders Exchange updates bidders lists a minimum of once every week before the bid date, with a final update the day before the bid date.

Members of Builders Exchange have the ability to add their company to the Builders Exchange bidders list at any time from the Project Details page of each project by following these steps:

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IPIN Tip of the Month: Accessing Archived Projects

Builders Exchange began providing an online planroom in 2001 with the introduction of the IPIN system. Since then, over 31,000 projects have been reported through the online planroom.

The online planroom reports on approximately 150 – 200 actively bidding projects at any one time. In addition, around 4,500 projects are located in a post-bid phase (Apparent Low Bidders or Contract Awards).

So what happens to the remaining 26,000+ projects that have been reported?

They’re moved to the Archives.


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