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IPIN Tip of the Month: Project Quick Search

Looking for a project in the Builders Exchange Online Planroom? Project quick search gives you the tools to find it quickly!

Project Quick Search

Project Quick Search lets you search for projects in all four phases: Prebid, Active, Postbid, and Archived. Searches can be conducted by Project Name (Name), Project ID (Proj ID), Bid Date, and Project Notes (Notes)

Start by choosing which phase or phases you would like to search in by placing a checkmark in each box. Searches can be conducted in one phase at a time or all four phases at a time.

Next search by project name, project ID, bid date, or in the project notes. Only one field may be searched for at a time.

When searching by project name, I tell members that less is more. One key word included in the name of the project sought after is generally good enough to find a project. For example, when looking for a project at Lexington Bluegrass Airport, a simple search for “airport” will be more efficient and effective than a search for the entire name of the project.

However, when searching for projects in the “Archived” phase using the name search, the more specific the better. There are over 27,000 projects listed in the archived phase, which means that searching for “school” or “airport” will yield thousands of results. This doesn’t help narrow things down.

Searching by project ID will always yield a single result. Each project in the IPIN system has a unique project ID (i.e. 2013-040D) automatically assigned to it. This ID number is visible anywhere the project name or details are visible.


To search for a project by its ID, it’s necessary to have the exact ID, dash included. Partial IDs will yield zero results.

A search by bid date will produce a list of every project bidding on a specific date. Dates can be entered in the following formats: 4-13-2013; 4/13/2013; April 13, 2013; April 13 2013

Finally, a search for a keyword or phrase in the Notes field will produce every project that includes those words in the project notes. For more on project notes, click here.


Call or e-mail Aaron Thomas at 502-459-9800 if you have any additional questions on bidders lists or the IPIN system.

Thanks for reading and keep checking back for more IPIN tips, information on the construction industry, and Builders Exchange special events!

Aaron Thomas
Director of IT
Builders Exchange of Kentucky


Health Care Reform – An Opportunity to Avoid the Sticker Shock

healthcareThe Builders Exchange sponsors a group health insurance program through the KY Construction Industry Trust (KCIT), which has been re-structured to place it in a very competitive position as we enter the full phase of health care reform next year. Eligible Builders Exchange member firms would be participating in a large group program. This enables us to use a rating methodology that is different from the community rating (blended rates) model that will apply to the rest of the small group market in 2014. The result for many groups will be very competitive rates. This program currently has over 500 participating employers covering approximately 12,000 lives and has a stable 30+ year history.

Call our agent today, regardless of your current renewal month to see how this program may benefit your group:

Snowden & Associates, Inc.

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Upcoming Safety Training Opportunities

Builders Exchange Logo

Builders Exchange is proud to offer “best-in-class” training programs for its members.  All training courses will be offered at Builders Exchange at 2300 Meadow Drive, Louisville, KY, 40218.  The courses described below meet the AGC-SIF Workers Compensation Fund annual training requirement.

Upcoming training courses include the following:

 First Aid/CPR/Bloodborne Pathogen/AED Training

Date:  April 12, 2013  Time:  8:00a.m. – 2:00p.m.         Trainer:  Bart Leist, Compass Safety

Location:  Builders Exchange of Kentucky, 2300 Meadow Drive, Louisville, KY  40218

Cost:  $85 per participant        Class Size:  Minimum 10 participants

Course Description: This course is designed to certify all participants to safely provide CPR as well as basic first aid in an emergency situation.  This course also provides Bloodborne Pathogen training including the proper use of “universal precautions.”  The course includes skills practices and testing to ensure all participants can successfully offer life-saving support, if necessary.  An American Heart Association CPR/First Aid/BBP course completion card will be presented to each participant.  The card is valid for two years for CPR and one year for Bloodborne Pathogen.

OSHA 10-Hour Construction Industry Outreach Training

Date: April 15th & 16th, 2013   Time:  April 15th from 8:00a.m. – 4:00p.m. and April 16th from 8:00am. to 1:00p.m.  (This training course is one and a half days in length.)

Trainer:  Bart Leist, Compass Safety

Location:  Builders Exchange of Kentucky, 2300 Meadow Drive, Louisville, KY 40218

Cost:  $150 per participant      Class Size: Minimum 10 participants

Course Description: This training program provides training for workers and employers on the recognition, avoidance, abatement, and prevention of safety and health hazards in workplaces.  Through this program, workers will become more knowledgeable about workplace hazards and their rights, and contribute to a safe and healthful workplace environment.  Upon successful completion of the OSHA 10-Hour Construction Industry Outreach training program, participants will receive an OSHA 10-Hour Construction Outreach Training course completion card within 4-6 weeks.

To register for either class, please contact Mary Ellen Higgins at or 502-459-9800.

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