IPIN Tip of the Month: Project Notes

Notepads, sticky notes, and the palm of your hand make for fine ways to take down notes about a project.

Project notes in IPIN are better.

Project Notes are located beneath the Scope of Work and Project Location on the Project Details page of every project.

Internal Notes

They are company specific, meaning only people logged in under your company account can see the notes. This makes them useful for communicating on projects with co-workers, especially if there are multiple employees in the same office with IPIN user accounts.

Searches can also be run for projects using keywords from your notes.

How to Add a Project Note

To add a project note, click the blue “Edit” icon next to your company’s name on the Project Details page.

A simple text box will pop-up for entering your note :


You can see that I have already entered a note for this project. I signed it with my name and date, but your note can say anything you want it to say.

Click on the “Update Company Note” button to add the note to the project.

Once you’ve added your note, it will be seen by all users on your company account on the following pages:

1. The Project Details page

2. The Filter Results page

3. Your My Projects page under Tracked Projects (if you are tracking the project)


Project Notes under Tracked Projects


Project Notes under search results

Anyone in your company can add to or edit your notes at any time.

Searching for Projects Using Project Quick Search

You can also conduct a search for projects that have words or phrases in the project notes from the Project Quick Search tool on your Deskpad:

Project Quick Search

After you’ve selected the phase(s) in which you would like to search for projects, enter any word or phrase in the “Notes” field and click “Submit”.


Project Quick Search results for “Aaron Thomas” in the “Notes” field

The results page shown above is a list of every project that includes my name in the project notes.

Combined with the Quick Search tool, Project Notes gives you the power to create powerful customized searches for future use.

For example:  add “Prevailing Wage” note to every project of interest that used Prevailing Wages. Later, to pull up a list of every project of interest with prevailing wages, conduct a “prevailing wages” Project Quick Search in the notes to quickly access a list of those projects.

Notes are a flexible and adaptable tool that can help keep your projects more organized in addition to keeping everyone in your office on the same page through inter-office communication.


Call or e-mail Aaron Thomas at 502-459-9800 if you have any additional questions on bidders lists or the IPIN system.

Thanks for reading and keep checking back for more IPIN tips, information on the construction industry, and Builders Exchange special events!

Aaron Thomas
Director of IT
Builders Exchange of Kentucky

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