IPIN Tip of the Month: PopUp Monthly Bid Calendar

The Builders Exchange Online Planroom is designed to  help members not only find projects, but also to stay updated and organized on those projects. One of the more helpful tools for achieving this is tracking projects, which I have already covered. The PopUp Monthly Bid Calendar is another helpful tool for keeping project bid dates organized.

The PopUp Monthly Bid Calendar (or Monthly Calendar for short) can be located on the My Deskpad area. The center of My Deskpad shows a weekly calendar, which lists the number of projects you are tracking that are bidding over the next five business days:

Click to enlarge

Clicking on “Tracked” will redirect you to a list of each tracked projects on that date.

You can also mouse over (move your cursor over the word and hold it there without clicking) the word “Tracked” to see the names of each project you’re tracking on that date.

To access the monthly calendar, click on the PopUp Monthly Bid Calendar link directly beneath the weekly calendar. This will bring up the monthly calendar in another browser window:

Each day of the current month will be displayed along with the total number of projects bidding on each day.

Clicking on “Total Projects” will display a list beneath the calendar of each project bidding on that date, regardless of whether you are tracking this project:

This list includes the bid time, project name, city and county where the project is located and the current phase.

Clicking on the name of any project in this list will redirect you to the Project Details page of the project.

If you are tracking any projects on a particular date, a blue link will appear on that date which says “Tracked Projects: #” with the number of projects being tracked on that date. Clicking on this link will generate a list of those tracked projects below the calendar.

If there are three projects or less being tracked on a particular date, each project will be linked to and listed by name. Clicking on the name of the project will bring you to its project details page.

Tip: You will lose the forward, back, and forward functions on your browser when using the PopUp to access projects. To go forward or back, simply right click anywhere on the page with your mouse and choose forward or back:

List all of the projects tracked during the current month by clicking on the “List All Tracked Projects in Month Year”.

You can access future or past months by clicking on the dropdown boxes at the top of the calendar. Records are available for projects from the past year up to all projects currently bidding.

Finally, click on “Print Options” to access a variety of ways to print your calendar.

Place a checkmark next to “Print Calendar Only” to print the top half of the calendar only, next to “Print Project List Only” for the bottom half of the calendar (the list of projects), and “Print Calendar and Project List” to print both.

Click “Apply Options” to print.

The PopUp Monthly Bid Calendar is a great tool for keeping track of the projects you are following. It can help you stay organized during the busiest months of the year or help you keep track of the projects you were involved with in the past year.


Feel free to call or e-mail Aaron Thomas at 502-459-9800 if you have any additional questions on the markup tools presented above or the IPIN system in general.

Reserve a spot for free IPIN training in our Louisville office on the 3rd Friday of every month from 10-11:30 a.m. or in our Lexington office on the 4th Friday of every month at the same time for more tips like this covering every aspect of the IPIN system.

Thanks for reading and keep checking back for more IPIN tips, information on the construction industry, and Builders Exchange special events!

Aaron Thomas
Director of IT
Builders Exchange of Kentucky

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