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IPIN Tip of the Month: IVS Pro Viewer Basics and Measuring/Markup Tools (Part 2)

In the last post, I covered the basics of the IVS Pro Viewer; the Builders Exchange plan viewer that gives members the tools to markup and measure plans online. I highly recommend reading Part 1 first before moving onto this post.

It would also be helpful to read the tip covering the Lite Viewer, which demonstrates many of the same tools that are also used with the Pro Viewer.

I have already covered the Select, Oval, Rectangle, Complex Linear Measurement and Irregular Area tools. In this post I will cover the remaining tools, including the Arrow, Freehand, Hilite, Text, Post-It Note, Stamp, Measure, and Count tools.

Note: Make sure to save your drawing with markups on the top toolbar before you move on to another drawing or close the viewer. Failing to save will result in the loss of all your markups and measurements!

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