New Special Events Committee for Builders Exchange of Kentucky

Hello, my name is Don Woods and I am the chairman for the new Special Events Committee at Builders Exchange of Kentucky.  I am pleased to not only introduce myself today but to give the members of the Exchange an inside look at the mission of the committee.

Recently, John Cary, the Executive Vice President of the Builders Exchange, asked if I would consider chairing this committee due to my experience at Lamkin Wealth Management.  There, I oversee one of the most aggressive event schedules within my industry and want to share that experience with the Exchange.  At Lamkin Wealth Management, we have discovered the power of properly planned and diversified events can not only raise the presence of a group but can maximize its effectiveness.

The vision that I have for the Special Events Committee is to find a variety of entertaining events that compel the membership to become more actively involved plus introduce an ongoing series of programs that promote education and growth of our members. With that, we have a clear cut mission of providing a greater service commitment to each of our members that will allow them to further their business goals and needs.

This committee will focus to promote the very core strength of Builders Exchange, which is the membership of the association.  As an organization of almost 1,000 businesses, members can establish both a working relationship with each other which can be a tremendous asset for your company.  Once again, the Special Events Committee will help create this networking atmosphere for companies to connect with each other.

The committee will want to learn from our members the true needs that are important in today’s business climate so we can provide the resources through our special events to help your firm prosper and grow.  In a business climate as difficult as today’s we feel the association can become a vital part of helping our members thrive and grow.

Currently, John and I are in the process of asking others to become members of this committee in helping us promote the association to a new level of visibility. If any current member would like to become involved with this committee or to learn more about ways to become involved with some of our events please contact John Cary for more information, 502-459-9800 or

I look forward to sharing with you in the next newsletter some of the details of our upcoming events and provide more information on our plans to help the association better promote all the members in the Builders Exchange of Kentucky.

Thank you.

Don Woods, Lamkin Wealth Management
Special Events Committee
Builders Exchange of Kentucky

One thought on “New Special Events Committee for Builders Exchange of Kentucky

  1. John Kelly says:


    Thank you for stepping up to lead a very important and much needed effort in our industry and one that I believe can be a tremendous asset and opportunity for all Buiders Exchange members regardless of their size or their particular discipline. Please do not hesitate to call on me for any help or assistance that I may be able to offer.

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