K4C Hosts 8th Annual Kentucky Construction Career Days

Kentucky Construction Career Choice Council (K4C) is hosting the 8th Annual Kentucky Construction Career Days at the Shelby County Fairgrounds on September 26th and September 27th. This is a great event for promoting careers in the construction industry.

Their official announcement is below:

“On September 26th and 27th, the Kentucky Construction Career Choice Council (K4C) will have a fantastic opportunity for contractors, vendors, and anyone else related to the construction industry, to participate in the 8th Annual KY Construction Career Days at the Shelby County Fairgrounds.  Over the past seven years, this non-profit group has had the goal of exposing construction careers to high school students.

As you probably know, the construction industry has developed a “dirty” name amongst young people since the explosive evolution of technology. The group’s mission is to bring exhibitors to this event to showcase to high school students the variety of construction careers available and that careers in construction aren’t just about digging ditches with shovels. There is a lot of technology used in construction, and very good paying jobs.

Follow the link to last year’s event to see some of the great exhibitions and fun the students enjoyed by attending, http://www.kytech.ky.gov/flash362.pdf  K4C’s 8th Annual Kentucky Construction Career Days is a great way to introduce young students to our aging industry.

We are currently making final preparations for this year’s event. During the two-day event, approximately 2000 students from around Kentucky will attend. We are still looking for silver ($1000) and bronze ($500) sponsorships to cover the cost of the event.  We also need organizations and companies to be exhibitors.  Exhibitors offer interactive booths to allow students to gain hands-on experience with various items used in the construction industry.  Some items include allowing the students to sit in cranes, excavators, backhoes, pipe cutting contests, building stud walls, welding exercises, confined space exercises, etc.  Exhibitors make the event successful and we always need additional exhibitors.

Please contact Daren Thompson at daren.thompson@msdlouky.org or Lora Werner at lora@hbak.com if you would like to be a sponsor at this year’s event, or if you have an interest in working with the students as an exhibitor. Please check out our website for more information (www.k4c.org).  Like us on Facebook www.facebook.com/k4c.org”

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