John Cary’s New Year Address

Members and Associates of the Builders Exchange:

As I write to you, we at the Builders Exchange of Kentucky are busy preparing for another great year of providing a quality product to all our members and those we support in the commercial construction industry. 

2012 marks a significant milestone for our great organization in that we are now celebrating 85 years of continued membership service.  This accomplishment would not be possible without the commitment of all the members of the Builders Exchange and its dedicated staff.

In that 85 year period, the Builders Exchange has grown into Kentucky’s largest and most trusted commercial construction trade association.  When I walk through our facilities, I see many of our members who utilize the plan rooms and or training center.  The feedback is overwhelming in how much you appreciate the quality work, services and excellent customer care our staff provides each day.

Louisville Plan Room

Yet, we cannot rest on our accomplishments.  The Builders Exchange is committed to maintaining its leadership role in the industry.  We have three fully staffed and operational physical plan rooms (Louisville, Lexington and Cincinnati) that are supported by a superb reporting team, guaranteeing that our members receive the most comprehensive and timely bid documents available.

Our online plan room is far superior and most importantly, very user friendly which includes dedicated staff members to provide customer service at any time.  This technology is cutting edge and has received tremendous positive feedback from our members. 

We also provide a free Private Plan room service to General Contracting firms in addition to our new highly advanced Private Plan Room Plus service that is being utilized by our member General Contracting firms to reach out to thousands of subcontractors and suppliers. Once again, the feedback has been very positive with multiple firms switching to this product in the recent months.

The emphasis of being the leader in providing training to our members and other organizations remains a top priority.  Recently we have partnered with various agencies of Kentucky State government to meet the needs of our trade organizations.  We have also partnered with AIA and other entities where we now can offer continuing education classes that will benefit various firms in meeting their training requirements. 

Center for Education & Training Excellence

As we all know, an educated and trained workforce is a stronger workforce and once again, the Builders Exchange of Kentucky will be at the forefront in providing this service.

The Builders Exchange will also take a more active role in providing multiple “networking and social” activities for our members.  As Kentucky’s largest commercial trade association, our members have expressed a desire to have more interaction with other member firms.  The obvious result will be a stronger and more viable trade association.

In closing, the Builders Exchange of Kentucky’s most unique quality and primary reason for being in operation for 85 years is our commitment to serve our members.  We are a “people organization” dedicated in being both a friend and partner to those associated with us.  The Builders Exchange of Kentucky is a member based association and not a subscribing for profit company.  We take pride in how we treat, interact, and serve the needs of our members.

As we go into 2012 join us in celebrating 85 years of the Builders Exchange of Kentucky because our future never looked brighter.


John Cary
Executive Vice President
Builders Exchange of Kentucky

8 thoughts on “John Cary’s New Year Address

  1. Walter melnyk says:

    Welcome to Builder’s Exchange John. I look forward to working with your staff and you to continue the work the organization has done and to the work to be done in 2012.

  2. John Kelly says:

    Great article John and right on point in so many respects. I know that the future is bright for the Exchange and it’s membership and I will enjoy watching it’s growth and further development.

  3. Jeff Hofmann says:

    Welcome John to the Builders Exchange and I look forward to working with you and your wounderful staff in 2012. Builders Exchange has become the leader for our industry in education and I personally appreciate that very much.

  4. John M. Cary says:

    Thank you Pat. We too look forward to working with everyone associated with the Builders Exchange.

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